These are the #CWDBeadsProject beading templates. These templates are a starting point. You can create a larger piece that incorporates one or multiple hoof prints, or a smaller piece that uses just one. It is entirely up to the artist to interpret. You can create any type of piece you would like, keeping in mind it should reflect what you've learned about CWD, and what story you want your beaded piece to tell about your relationship to deer, moose, elk, and caribou, and the materials you use. Ideally, you can use home tanned hide, tufting, sinew, or other animal-based materials. However, this isn't a requirement since these materials aren't always available to everyone. If you do have experience using animal-based materials, please talk about your experience using them! As well, final pieces should be photographed and uploaded to your Instagram account using the hashtag #cwdbeadsproject. If you aren't on Instagram please email your submission and answered questions to and I will upload them to the @cwdbeadsproject Instagram page. As well, you can upload your pieces to the CWD Beads Project Facebook group